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In His Mountain

Deep inside this mountain lies a steep and narrow passage.
Much pain and heartache is inescapable for the believer who follows Jesus here.

Few find it and fewer still will take it.
But, I have heard of where it leads to and the glories of it!

Immeasurable intimacy with Jesus and the joy you put on His face,
if you reach this place, nothing can compare!


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My Heart’s Desire

Who I am? I thought myself small and weak, my only asset- “never letting go”. Never letting go of the desire to please You, to love You more, to submit myself fully unto Your craftsmanship. Oh, the times it’s hurt, as You cut deep into my heart, removing so much of me. I cried and cried and wished it would end, but could never stop offering up my heart. I wanted You more than anything. My heart ached for You. How could I ask You to stop? I just told myself, He is faithful. His presence will return and I will meet Him again,  this time His beautiful bride, this time will last forever. I will finally have my heart’s desire. And, all the pain, all the loneliness, and all the cutting will be worth it.

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