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Life-changing Words!

If we truly believed that every spoken word had an effect for good or evil, how would our words change? Do you know the power of the tongue? The Bible says there is life and death in the tongue (Prov. 18:21). We can speak words of life that literally change the atmosphere! More importantly, we can take authority over powers of darkness that have come to steal, kill and destroy our families (Eph. 6:12 & John 10:10)! That is their job, you know, and no one is omitted from their agenda of destruction. Believe what you are saying when you tell evil to get their hands off your marriage, to get their hands off your children, to get there hands off your heart and mind, and they will have to go! Speak out the Truth that God makes a way for every need, for every marriage and for every heart to be whole! If we will look earnestly unto Him and believe, He will do great and mighty things!!!


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