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Humility is the rich top-soil in which we grow. Without it, the seeds God plants in our hearts will wither and die. The more pride we have, the worse the condition of our soil or should we say soul. A prideful heart refuses the hand of the Lord. This is why it is so sad for Him. Simply put, only God possesses the wisdom and strength to take us to the next level. And, every level requires another bowing of our knees. When we stop bowing our knees, our wills, we stop growing. There is never a place we can arrive at or ascend to that humility is not needed. In fact, it is required more and more. It is the currency by which we buy our ticket to reach our greatest calling.


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The Ultimate Satisfication

I must only compare myself to the perfect obedience of Jesus. Comparing myself with others will only hold me back. Let not pride, spiritual success, jealous, envy, self-righteousness or entitlements hold us back. If we will continually choose humility, continually submitting our will to the Father, we will one day taste the glory of the Ultimate Satisfaction, becoming like Jesus. Nothing can please the Lord more. Nothing.

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