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Overcoming Life

At certain times I notice I feel discouraged or angry and I’m not sure why. I scan my heart to figure out what is going on. A thought will come to me and I realize I am believing a lie. The enemy has quietly snuck into my heart and planted deceit. How often I wish I could take a vacation from the enemy’s work in my life! I am tired. I am sick and I just want to crawl up in the Father’s lap and fall asleep. But, the Father is whispering to me “Fight, fight! Pick up your sword! Take authority for your heart and mind! And, fight!” Don’t misunderstand. He is a good Father and He wants to comfort me, but more than that, He wants me to overcome. He wants me to win this battle for my thought life! He wants me to have joy and peace and all the fruit the Holy Spirit offers. But, if I keep agreeing with the enemy, my heart will always be sick and my burden will always be great.
There is a height we can reach, way above the clamoring noise and pollution of this world. It’s a truly overcoming life with joy unspeakable, where we believe His every word and have no fear. The journey is treacherous and few make it. But, it is not impossible and the Good Shepherd is ever willing and waiting to lead us to it! Just take His hand and follow Him up this mountain. And, never look back.


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