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We will never be rid of performance, if we keep looking to ourselves for our own righteousness. Jesus Righteousness is simply a gift, a robe we wear covering our human frailty. This is why we may approach the Father and so the demons and angels will obey us, neither we could do on our own. However, if we are to accomplish anything for His Kingdom, God needs our participation. What that means simply is having a humble and obedient heart. To the extent we participate with Him, is how far He will take us. So in conclusion, Significance in the Kingdom is the combination of wearing Jesus righteousness and an obedient heart, not our performance.


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Faith, A Choice

Faith is a choice. As we choose to believe God’s Word, faith grows in our hearts and our spirits get stronger. We can’t rely on feelings to guide our faith. We have to look at what God said, what His proven over and over and unreservedly take it in! The more we do this, the more our spiritual muscles grow, the stronger we get. We can’t just read the Word, we have to choose to believe it too.

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