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Letting God Define Us

There is a massive hole in the bottom of the bucket of “People Pleasing”. We will never be able to fill it. It will always elude us. Measuring our self-worth on the basis of what others say will develop in us fear and emptiness. Only God’s opinion can affirm. There is a deep maturity in handing over both the praise and rejection of man to God, not letting either define us.
*Of course, there are times when God will use us as His messengers to speak an encouragement, but they are still His words.


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Seeking Him First

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Many today are living this backward. They first pursue their desires, then God or perhaps, they are trying to pursue both at the same time. They know God wants to give them these things, so the assumption is – they can or should have them now. God greatly desires to give us all things that bring us joy. But, He knows these “things” – money, success, a companion and even “ministry”, will hurt and ruin us, if we are not first wholly fulfilled by Christ.
The promise is clear: seek first the Kingdom, sow to the Spirit and in His good time we will reap great things. Waiting on the Lord can be exceedingly difficult. But, it is the only way to fulfillment, true lasting fulfillment! The Good News still remains “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!” What wonderful exciting things God has for those who trust Him by waiting on and obeying His Spirit!

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In the Face of Impossibility

There is a whole lot of conversation focused around “the circumstances”, “the problems” and “the obstacles”. But, very little talk about how God can move! Father, forgive us! We have forgotten who You are! – how much You love us! – and, how nothing, yes nothing is impossible for You! In fact, You love impossibility. You search the whole world for the heart who will believe You in the Face of Impossibility. Yes, Lord I will be that person! I will face the Red Sea and believe.

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