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Season of Night

There is a Season of Night where God will call you to blindly walk in faith, where the “feelings of faith” will be seemingly missing. You will beg God for the feelings, for more faith, for some kind of fruit. This is a time of great testing. Your faith will be tested to the max. In this place you may wonder if God is even real or at the least, if He is good. It will take all you have inside to keep believing. You will have to demand of yourself to simply just obey, to simply just believe. Many nights you will cry out in your bed, while searching your heart for anything that may be in His way, anything that might be causing this. But, God will be the one “causing” it and He will not relent. He desires to bring you to a new and wonderful place, only this painful trial can. All the time you may feel God has abandoned you. He has not. He is right there crying with you, holding you and keeping you from utter despair. He is there sustaining you. You just don’t recognize His presence. This is the most important time of your existence. What God will do in this time will set the stage for your biggest breakthrough and launch you into your greatest calling. You will be so glad that you said “yes” to this Season of Night.


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Putting to Death Anxiety

The lie that keeps us in bondage to anxiety is that once our current problem is fixed, we will then be happy. But, there is always another worry lying in wait, ready to take over our thoughts and steal our peace. We need to recognize and let go of this belief that “concern” is unavoidable and that worry somehow helps. We have to just decide and finally put to death anxiety as a way of life! This can only be done by allowing the Truth to soak into our hearts: God is the perfect Father, faithful to take care of our every need!

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I place my day in Your hands Lord. I will not strive or stress.

I will believe in Your goodness to make my day beautiful!

I trust You to make it what You desire. Hope. I hope in You, Lord.

I trust Your faithfulness! Good, You are so good!

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It is not my perfection or performance that will accomplish Your will today, but my ever turning to You, entrusting my day in Your hands.

Though I stumble, you redeem my time and make my path smooth.

I hope in You, who holds the world in His hands, who is always near. I hope in Your goodness, trust in Your faithfulness. It has not failed me yet and today is not the exception. And, there will never be an exception.

Always faithful, always good, faithful Father, faithful friend.


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