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Here is My Heart

Lord, You are not a box to check, but a person to know, to love and be loved by.

I come to You, no striving, no performance, no masks,

Just imperfect, broken me standing before You, bringing You my open heart,

No rushing, no distractions, just You and me in the stillness.

Here is my heart.


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Freedom from Fear

In this uncertain time many are struggling with fear. I believe the root to this fear, is the “Fear of Abandonment”.

It originates from the Fall. Adam and Eve ate the fruit because they wanted to be like God. The belief then being: If we can be like God, why do we need God? This was the beginning of independence from God (pride) and fear. Hence, we began to look to ourselves for the answers. You see, it is inherent in our nature to expect God to forsake us. Although, God was always faithful, that beautiful, perfect trust man had in Him was critically damaged.

So, how can trust be restored in our hearts? We first, need to recognize our need for God, humbling ourselves before Him. Then, entrust our lives in His loving capable hands. Trust in God’s goodness. Trust He is for us: looking to Him and not our “security blankets” or our “great understanding”.  There is a sweet release from stress, fear and striving that occurs when we really start to trust God. Our loving Father will never abandon or forsake us!

What is happening inside many today is a good thing. The fear is coming to the surface. It was always there. But now, the Lord can skim it off and purify us! He wants to deliver us from all our fears! I believe in this time of uncertainty many hearts will be freed and restored.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Deut. 31:6

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” Matt. 10:29

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Revelation of Eternity

How we will spend our lives in heaven forever is highly effected by how we choose to spend our lives on Earth. We can do great things for God while we are still breathing or we can take the path of least resistance, pursue comfort and the praise of man. You see, the momentary pleasure of seeking to gratify our flesh is fleeting, selfish and insignificant. What shame if we get to the end and realize we have lived for ourselves? Can the Father say “Well done” to us then? Can He put a crown of honor on our heads? Can He seat us with Christ on a throne of royalty? No, those rewards are reserved for the overcomer: the one who continually humbles himself, takes up his cross and follows Jesus. There are levels in heaven and some will barely make it. Praise God, they will be there. But, what sadness to know, we had a great calling that we refused, so we could pursue the small fleeting comforts of Earth.

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The Journey of Christ

There is a great endless pleasure, a deep satisfying joy that never runs dry. It is the ultimate reward and the highest significance one can obtain. Nothing, nothing can compare to it. It is the journey of following Christ, the Greatest Calling. And, our Lord Jesus offers it to all.
But, you must know, it will come at an immense cost, that will take everything you’ve got. You see, the journey of Christ will always lead to The Cross, a long painful march towards one’s death. There will be brutal unjust beatings along the way, all the while, a mocking crowd watches on. And, in the end one’s heart will be ripped in two. It is an unparalleled pain. Yet, it is the only way to share with Jesus in the intimacy of His sufferings.
What tremendous joy awaits those who are willing! It is of supreme worth. It is the pleasure of The Father and the great honor of being seated with Christ and reigning with Him.

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Do you struggle with hearing from God? Trying to discern God’s will in your everyday life choices?

Before we jump into the guidelines, I need to make an important statement. The foundation of our faith has to be built upon two things: humility and obedience. Humility: being pliable before God and Obedience: following through with what He asks, are primary in pursuing God. We are guaranteed not to be Spirit-led, if we neglect these most important disciplines.

That having been said and put into practice, we can now follow these cues in our journey to becoming ever more led by the precious Holy Spirit.

• The Holy Spirit always gently leads. He is never pushy or in a hurry.
• God’s “yolk” or burden is easy, light and freeing.
• Trusting God is essential. Get your mindset in a place where you trust He has a perfect answer for your situation.
• Do not be afraid. Fear always clouds are ability to hear. Fear is an open door for the enemy to lie to you.
• As a result you will experience the fruit of the Spirit, especially look for joy or peace.

The sad result of not being Spirit-led is loss. We will miss out on a lot and/or experience pain that could have been averted. However, there is a trap of becoming fearful over “not being perfectly Spirit-led”. In my case, I struggled for years with this. I was so afraid of goofing up my life and displeasing the Lord. Most gratefully though, God showed me that my heart was right before Him and He would accomplish this work in me. If we just persevere in submitting to Him in this process, He will get us there!

“Lord, I thank You for each and every heart here that wants to please you. I pray you would gently lead us in learning the still soft voice of the Holy Spirit. Help us to renounce anxiety, quiet our souls before You and patiently wait for You to speak. Thank You! Amen.”

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