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Glorious Moment

There comes a time in a believer’s life, a Glorious Moment, when we find ourselves in the midst of a magnificent fiery trial and God is seemingly absent. It will take everything in us to withstand the temptation to fear and doubt God’s faithfulness. And all we have to trust and believe Him.

Though it is a great difficulty to worship God in this painful moment, the joy we bring Him if we do, can not be understated, it is of profoundly great worth. Only on Earth in the midst of this great storm, does the glorious opportunity exist. After death it is not obtainable.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not bow down to the gold image despite the threat of the furnace.  In the midst of losing everything Job blessed and refused to curse God. And Daniel chose the lion’s den, over giving up his prayer life. These immensely difficult moments are glorious to God. They are extravagant worship.

Our time will pass by quickly. Let us glorify God now, while we can. Let us lavish our love and faithfulness on Him. Let us believe Him, no matter what the circumstances are saying. If we choose the Door of Faith, we will find there is many places He can then take us.


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Resilient Faith

Resilient faith is believing God when your feelings are screaming the opposite. It does not give into fear by “making something happen”.
Resilient faith is keeping your eyes locked on Heaven in the midst of impossible circumstances, running to and abiding in the “Refuge of The Father”.
Resilient faith is waiting on God for as long as He takes. It trusts that the waiting is good, producing an inner priceless treasure.

Lord, You are the Source Alone!
The Creator of Heaven and Earth,
The Sovereign Power,
The Everlasting One,
Our Matchless King,
Brilliance Itself,
Truly, Complete Perfection.
I will trust in You alone.

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That Day

I live for the day that I will see you face to face.
My whole life will be over, the last chapter written and the book closed.
Therefore, now my spirit cries out, “Do the will of The Father!”, urging me to take bold steps of faith, seek You whole heartedly, and even love those who hate me.

That day I live for.
That day I make sacrifices, bear insults and lay down my pride for.
That day I will look into your eyes, searching to find the joy I brought you.
To see that joy is my sole ambition.
That day is everything to me.

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The Great Cost

Before the foundation of the world, God was faced with a crucial decision – Whether to make man? In His omniscient mind He was aware of the great affliction and anguish we would cause Him. God knew we would commit sin against Him, hide from Him and in the end call Him a liar. He was mindful that sin would bring death and sorrow to his beloved world. And that when sin brought death and sorrow, that man would turn and blame Him.

Yet He still chose us, though He was fully aware of the great cost. In His mind, even then He could see The Cross: the gruesome torture Jesus would endure, laying the sin of the whole world on him and the immense pain of having to look away from his son. Moreover, God was conscious of the profound hurt He would feel, when many would reject this costly gift, the great torment these would have in hell and His extreme ache watching them go there. Still God so loved the world, that He would choose to make man… even though.

There, in that monumental moment, with deep compassion in His heart, He looked past His great pain, laid down His life and created man.

For His joy was that many men would open their hearts to Him, some would really love Him, giving their whole lives to Him and a few would courageously die for Him. This was his ambition, to be with His children, His beloved.

“Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love.”
Ephesians 1:4

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To Trust You

To trust You, is to believe You are good and will bring no harm to me.
To trust You more, is to walk through the dark hallways of life, reaching out for Your hand to guide me.
To trust You wholly, is to fully rest in the sweet assurance that You are working all things together for my good.

As a mother sweetly cherishes her baby,
As a father selflessly provides for his child,
As a husband lovingly treasures his wife.
I know You will always care for me.


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My Strength

I think of you first Lord, first to love on and to be loved by.
In the morning my thoughts turn to you.
And if the weight of my day pulls me down,
I will fall at your feet and leave it with you.
You kiss my head and hold my hand.
You lift me up on your shoulders and carry me through.

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Darkness of Winter

God will be silent and let injustice prevail for a time to test the hearts of men. Will we remain faithful when He is seemingly absent? It is easy to believe and do right in the Glory and Warmth of His Majesty, but in the Darkness of Winter, when we are cold, hungry and comfortless, when we can not see, hear or feel Him, let us choose faithfulness and cling stubbornly to what we know is true – The Sovereign God is faithful, just and good. Let us be found faithful when He comes!

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