In His Mountain

Deep inside this mountain lies a steep and narrow passage.
Much pain and heartache is inescapable for the believer who follows Jesus here.

Few find it and fewer still will take it.
But, I have heard of where it leads to and the glories of it!

Immeasurable intimacy with Jesus and the joy you put on His face,
if you reach this place, nothing can compare!


My Heart’s Desire

Who I am? I thought myself small and weak, my only asset- “never letting go”. Never letting go of the desire to please You, to love You more, to submit myself fully unto Your craftsmanship. Oh, the times it’s hurt, as You cut deep into my heart, removing so much of me. I cried and cried and wished it would end, but could never stop offering up my heart. I wanted You more than anything. My heart ached for You. How could I ask You to stop? I just told myself, He is faithful. His presence will return and I will meet Him again,  this time His beautiful bride, this time will last forever. I will finally have my heart’s desire. And, all the pain, all the loneliness, and all the cutting will be worth it.

Your Heart

Your heart will always be God’s number one goal. He will rain down trials, tribulations and flat-out disaster if only to be able to mold your precious heart. Making you like Christ is of paramount importance to Him. Because of His great love for you, He will allow life to get hard, painful and almost unbearable! Like a diamond in the rough He will not stop chiseling until you radiate His brilliance. Your beauty is His desire and Oh, how He rejoices, when you can say, “It is well with my soul!”

Life-changing Words!

If we truly believed that every spoken word had an effect for good or evil, how would our words change? Do you know the power of the tongue? The Bible says there is life and death in the tongue (Prov. 18:21). We can speak words of life that literally change the atmosphere! More importantly, we can take authority over powers of darkness that have come to steal, kill and destroy our families (Eph. 6:12 & John 10:10)! That is their job, you know, and no one is omitted from their agenda of destruction. Believe what you are saying when you tell evil to get their hands off your marriage, to get their hands off your children, to get there hands off your heart and mind, and they will have to go! Speak out the Truth that God makes a way for every need, for every marriage and for every heart to be whole! If we will look earnestly unto Him and believe, He will do great and mighty things!!!


Humility is the rich top-soil in which we grow. Without it, the seeds God plants in our hearts will wither and die. The more pride we have, the worse the condition of our soil or should we say soul. A prideful heart refuses the hand of the Lord. This is why it is so sad for Him. Simply put, only God possesses the wisdom and strength to take us to the next level. And, every level requires another bowing of our knees. When we stop bowing our knees, our wills, we stop growing. There is never a place we can arrive at or ascend to that humility is not needed. In fact, it is required more and more. It is the currency by which we buy our ticket to reach our greatest calling.

I must only compare myself to the perfect obedience of Jesus. Comparing myself with others will only hold me back. Let not pride, spiritual success, jealous, envy, self-righteousness or entitlements hold us back. If we will continually choose humility, continually submitting our will to the Father, we will one day taste the glory of the Ultimate Satisfaction, becoming like Jesus. Nothing can please the Lord more. Nothing.


Who doesn’t want to be liked? But, living for what others think to be liked is a bondage that will make us sad and trite. Believe me! If we want to become truly dynamic life-changing people, we have to be willing to lay down the “mindset of the times”, follow and speak the Truth only. (We also desperately need to learn to do it in God’s way and timing.) If we allow God to shape our beliefs, no matter how unpopular the belief is, we can know wholeness. And, like John the Baptist, if we are brave enough to stand up for Truth, we can help lead others to wholeness too. Bottom line- will we allow only the Word of God to shape us or will we let the foundation of our beliefs bend to what people think? Jesus was liked so much on Earth that they crucified Him! But, by his precious sacrifice the whole world can be saved! Now, that is worth not being liked for!